Intercultural training

In intercultural seminars intercultural competence and communication abilities of the participants will be coached and supported. This competence often leads to a better and more efficient cooperation between the participants and their customer groups.

Beside the strengthening and support of the ability to act, the aim of the intercultural training is also sensitisation for the cultural diversity and potentials of different customer groups.

In the three-day-long seminar the subjects of Migration, Integration and intercultural Opening will be considered from different points of view and related to the respective everyday working life. In addition to learning the fundamentals of intercultural competence and to reflecting on one’s own consultation practise, we develop solution strategies and necessary skills for one’s own work practice.

Individually fitted courses for in-depth study are also possible.


    1-3 day basic trainings

    1-3 day intermediate trainings


    Theoretical input

    Cooperative exchange of views and experiences

    Work in small groups

    Interactive work e.g. with role plays

    Work with creative methods

Target groups

Employees of agencies for work and job centres, social education workers and pedagogues of different organizations, Human resource managers in enterprises.

Appointments according to agreement