Advisory service to European project work

You would like to improve your services, think outside the box, learn new things and share your ideas with colleagues from Europe?

You would like to begin with writing an application at European level, but do not have the time to familiarize yourself with the complex possibilities of EU funding and would be glad to get some support?

We offer you professional advice and / or workshops on this topic.

Possible questions:

  • How can I implement a project idea or existing activities of my organization, in the form of a project proposal or seminar at European level?
  • What are the funding opportunities and which programme should I choose to submit the application? What are the conditions I must fulfill as an applicant?
  • How does the funding of such projects work?
  • Which institutions are responsible for the application and what are the application deadlines?

We offer:

  •     Initial consultation to make an application of a European project
  •     One-day workshop on brainstorming and development of a specific project.
  •     Assistance with the preparation of the application
  •     Assistance in finding suitable partners in other European countries.
  •     Monitoring and coordination of your project.
  •     Seminars on intercultural awareness and preparation for European cooperation.